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Email is the life blood of business communications. Employee productivity and security are continuously threatened by a steady stream of spam, virus, and phishing attacks. However, protecting employee email goes well beyond just blocking annoying spam and dangerous malware and phishing threats. Organizations of all sizes require uptime and availability in today's 24/7 economy.

Traditional anti-spam solutions often involve costly on-site hardware and software and are expensive to manage, maintain, and upgrade. What's more, conventional on-site deployment models introduce additional points of failure and require more on-site labor and expertise.

Existing anti-spam offerings for the channel also lack interesting profit margins or are hard to integrate with clients' unique email requirements. MSPs, solution providers, and VARs need a wholesale and brandable email security solution that leverages the power of the cloud, delivers profitable, recurring revenue opportunities, and is adaptable to nearly every client environment.

eFolder Email Security

eFolder Email Security is a cloud email security solution that requires no on-site hardware or software. Leveraging the eFolder Security Cloud, eFolder Email Security delivers comprehensive inbound and outbound protection from spam, viruses, spyware, and phishing attacks, while ensuring email visibility and control for administrators and dynamic, per-user filtering for employees.

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