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Businesses today have limited choices for true business continuity. Traditional data backup solutions are widely available, but most only backup the data and do not enable the fast and complete recovery of mission critical servers and applications. Businesses of all sizes need fast, reliable, and flexible backup and disaster recovery for servers and applications, both at the client location and in the cloud. For MSPs, solution providers, and VARs, eFolder combines the leading image-based backup software solutions with eFolder's cloud replication and cloud recovery services to enable complete, business continuity services.

eFolder Cloud for AppAssure

eFolder Cloud for AppAssure is a service that replicates Dell AppAssure backup images to the eFolder Storage Cloud and enables multiple disaster recovery options for partners and clients. eFolder delivers partners all the key software and service components required, including access to competitive, wholesale AppAssure software licensing; a hosted AppAssure CORE server; block storage capacity in the eFolder Storage Cloud; and multiple recovery options, including image download, overnight drive shipment, or recovery in the eFolder Continuity Cloud.

AppAssure software enables the fast, reliable backup and recovery of server and workstation images to physical or virtual environments or to dissimilar hardware. AppAssure's software has won high praise from partners for its granular retention features, global deduplication capabilities, application specific integrity checks, and virtual standby technology. eFolder enhances the power of the AppAssure solution with a public cloud replication service that leverages eFolder's reliable, petabyte-scale storage cloud, proactive data integrity protection technologies, and emergency in-the-cloud virtualization service capabilities.

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