Better Together:
Acronis Backup Advanced + eFolder Cloud
Acronis Backup Advanced The most advanced backup and recovery engine offered by Acronis, including deduplication, centralized management, tiered retention policies, universal restore, granular recovery, and other Acronis AnyData technologies.
All the cloud storage you need 1TB of eFolder cloud storage is included with each server license, ensuring you can meet your customers data growth requirements for years to come without worrying about variable costs.
Unparalleled data protection Silent data corruption protection, automated backup verification, on-site and off-site virtualization of your backups, and centralized monitoring and reporting.
Simple, Easy to Sell, High Margin BDR Services for MSPs

A central challenge for MSPs today is how to deliver comprehensive backup and disaster recovery services, while driving consistent profitability. Today's BDR services are often too complex and costly for partners, since they face massive data growth at the client level, unpredictable wholesale cloud costs, and ever increasing labor costs. Fortunately, the latest technology advancements in software and cloud services solve many of these issues.

eFolder Cloud for Acronis

eFolder Cloud for Acronis is an end-to-end disaster recovery solution that pairs the most advanced backup software offered by Acronis, Acronis Backup Advanced, with the massive cloud storage and recovery capabilities of the eFolder Cloud, including the eFolder Continuity Cloud. eFolder Cloud for Acronis helps MSPs meet the evolving needs of clients, while enabling profitable and easily managed backup and disaster recovery services.

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